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Professional Tax Software

Choose the Software Package the Professionals Use

Our tax preparation software has been carefully designed to provide individuals and business owners with all the features you need for quick, accurate results.
  • Electronic filing
  • Covers 1040 and unlimited federal forms and schedules
  • Covers unlimited state filing
  • Built to work with bank products
  • Desktop version 
  • Scan and store documents
  • Point and shoot error correction
  • Off-site emergency backup
  • Remote signature capture
  • EFIN assistance available with purchases of software
If you're a tax professional, you get great features that make communication with your clients a snap.
  • Multiple location support
  • Integrated TextPro instant messaging

Powerful Tax Software at a Price That's Right

Our software is powered by CrossLink, the industry leader in professional tax software. It's used by many tax professionals, and we offer it in two versions.
  • Basic — 
  • Corporate
    • Includes all federal corporate / business, partnership, and specialty forms and schedules
    • Includes supporting forms / schedules: 1065, 1041, 706, 709, 990, 1120, and 1120s
Both packages come with excellent tech support and EFIN assistance for as long as you're with Lighthouse Tax Solutions.
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"They were very professional and knowledgeable when you talked to them. The last several years, the company that I dealt with was horrible and I had to have them fix things at least twice a week. I had to call once all season with these folks and it was just a general question, not a problem. I will continue to use their software."
\- P.L.S.
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